Adults martial arts classes

The British Association of Martial Arts in Partnership with the European Martial Arts Academy,

can offer adult tuition at the following venue;


Packington Avenue, Shard End, Birmingham.
B34 7RD.

Sundays 11 am – 12 noon.

Adult martial arts courses

B.A.M.A. is an organization that encompasses personal safety at many levels. We have the objective to bring our self defence system to as many people as possible, irrespective of age or physical ability. B.A.M.A and E.M.A.A. instructors have delivered courses to businesses and clubs in the Midlands area since 1986.


Our training package offers various aspects of self defense

  1. Wrist locks, arm locks
  2. Disengagement techniques 
  3. Evasive techniques. 
  4. Accepting techniques. 
  5. Rolls and break falls. 
  6. Striking points.  
  7. Table techniques. 
  8. Chair techniques. 
  9. Medical implications. 
  10. Armed attack – knife / club / bottle. 
  11. Improvised weapons i.e. pen / belt / umbrella / keys / handbag / briefcase / walking stick etc.

Independent courses can be arranged for businesses, associations and private tuition. 

The prime objective is to encourage people to be more aware, able and responsible i.e. to be streetwise. At the end of the course, students will not be martial arts experts, but will be better prepared to handle difficult situations assertively and with more confidence. Single or multiple session courses can be arranged. For more information please phone – (0121) 708 2519


At the end of our courses a questionnaire is circulated to participants for feedback.

A selection of these comments are shown below. Last question of questionnaire – Finally would you please write down your thoughts as to the value of the course you have just attended? Please remember your viewpoint is important and is valuable in ensuring we are providing the training that is required by covering all areas of your concern.

“Very good. Although hopefully I will not need to use the techniques, it has given me the confidence to be able to deal with customers”

“Demonstrations were very useful, as were the practical sections – very good course” 

“Educational as well as entertaining. The instructors were very capable of putting situations across in an easy to understand manner. I now feel more confident that even if I forgot the majority of the techniques, I will know to at least not to freeze” 

“I enjoyed the course and was impressed by the emphasis put on trying to diffuse the situation before using any of the techniques” 

“A good course which showed techniques that are manageable for the raw beginner and demonstrated what a raw beginner is capable of with some training”.