The B.A.M.A. junior syllabus includes

the following aspects of self defence;


  1. Wrist locks, arm locks, leg locks.
  2. Disengagement techniques.
  3. Evasive techniques.
  4. Punching and kicking methods.
  5. Elbow, knee and heel strikes.
  6. Striking points.
  7. Blocks.
  8. Judo throws.
  9. Grappling techniques.
  10. Restraint and pin down moves.
  11. Rolls and break falls.
  12. Accepting manoeuvres.
  13. Table techniques.
  14. Chair techniques.
  15. Floor strategy and procedures.

B.A.M.A. childrens martial arts lessons are specially structured to teach the students how to… 


Build their confidence

Avoid being bullied

Defend themselves on the street

Instil discipline

Get fit

B.A.M.A. is an organization that encompasses personal safety at many levels. We have the objective to bring our self defense system to as many people as possible, irrespective of age or physical ability. B.A.M.A and E.M.A.A. instructors have delivered courses to businesses and clubs in the Midlands area since 1986.


B.A.M.A. utilizes techniques from Karate, Jujitsu, Aikido, Judo, Boxing, Iaido and army unarmed combat,

together with a wide variety of techniques that are unique to B.A.M.A. Unlike many other childrens martial arts that are rigid in their methods and rules, B.A.M.A. teaches techniques based on what it feels are the most appropriate for street defence. We understand that not all students can do high spinning kicks and such like, so emphasis is placed on what will work for the individual student.

B.A.M.A. promotes – self defence, agility, co-ordination, respect, inner security, concentration, courtesy and patience.

The childrens martial arts lessons were started in 1986 in response to the high number of youngsters that wished to join the adult classes. A special junior martial arts syllabus was written to take into account the different ages and abilities of the pupils. Classes are taught in co-ordination with 2 or 3 instructors, each with their own beneficial characteristics. Their rapport with the children is one which envelops the morals which are so often missing from younger members of society: kindness to compatriots; respect for individuals; courtesy and good manners to others.

As well as gradings leading to junior and full black belt status, students can enter the annual sparring competitions where trophies can be won for each weight category. Basic first aid and outdoor survival techniques are included in the syllabus.

Getting in touch, our preferred method of contact is telephone.

Discussing a individuals requirements is much easer in real time rather than email etc. if you wish to get in touch, please phone (0121) 708 2519.

Our childrens martial arts clubs are open throughout the school holidays and are only closed when the centre’s are shut. i.e. bank holiday Mondays and the christmas and new year breaks.

Independent courses can be arranged for businesses, associations and private tuition.

The prime objective is to encourage people to be more aware, able and responsible i.e. to be streetwise. At the end of the course, students will not be martial arts experts, but will be better prepared to handle difficult situations assertively and with more confidence. Single or multiple session courses can be arranged. For more information please phone – (0121) 708 2519.

Kids fitness


Kids martial arts


Build confidence

Enhanced focus


“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

Self discipline

Respect for others

Kids martial arts classes

Self respect